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Narrative Writing Prompts For Grade 5

5. Vincent Van Gogh said, “If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.” Describe one of your favorite places in nature in detail. 6. Are fifth graders old enough to babysit little kids? Why or why not? 7. Write about three qualities that make a good leader. 8. Should teachers assign homework? Why or why not? 9.

  • 5th grade narrative writing prompts 2nd grade writing prompts. Staar expository writing prompts/4th grade by jacob lightbody. Writing funny prompt cat creative cats prompts animal animals crazy pet should 5th grade narrative writing prompts

  • Writing Prompts for Narratives I was taking my friend’s picture in front of the volcano when all of a sudden . . . What if you were given 3 wishes but couldn’t use them on yourself. Tell a story about what you would wish for and why. Write a story called, “The Luckiest Day of My Life.”

  • Grade 5 Narrative Prompt Name: Date: Write a story to go with the picture. Your story may be realistic or imaginative. Remember that a good story: Has a clear beginning, middle, and end Has a main character or characters Uses dialogue and description Has correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

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